Viscira (a pharma digital agency) had acquired the task of creating an interactive and informational Trend Report Guide for our client, Genentech.This task was specifically for the iPad.  I worked closely with the Art Director and Visual Designer to help create and design concepts
highlighting specific healthcare needs and Oncology Drug trends the client was interested in marketing.

Discovery / Ideation
We began by reviewing key points from a 20-page report and categorizing all the content by menu and subsections. Through several whiteboarding sessions, I was able to gather enough information to create a visual sitemap for review.

Design Templates
Next, I branched out sections of content to create interactive templates that would work with various screens across the board.  These aredifferent user interface thumbnail designs and its interactive components.

In addition to the templates, I began creating high-fidelity wireframes for internal review and submit to our visual designer for mockup design.

Final Visual Concepts
Finally, our design team was able to create the final mockups to review with client.


  • Date : April 18, 2014
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